Q&A about the project process

A modular grid with the container modules enables fast and efficient planning. Available expert opinions, static calculations, and proven detailed solutions accelerate the planning process. Our serial production with standardized processes allows us to build all year round, regardless of weather conditions. The very high degree of prefabrication of the modules (over ninety percent) enables an enormously short construction time on site. All in all, this shortens the construction process by around seventy percent compared to conventional construction methods.

It only takes two hours to mechanically insulate a 40FT sea freight container, including finishing the room side with a gypsum fiberboard. Depending on the production capacity utilization, the scope of the finishing work, and the time of production release, the production time for a project with, for example, twenty modules is around three months from the release of the detailed design. The modules, which can be ready for occupancy on request, are placed on the prepared foundations and connected on-site in just a few days. Construction times can usually be reduced to a third of the usual construction schedule.

Generally, we offer you the following options: Either we advise the architect commissioned by you from service phase 1 onwards so that he can take container-specific features into account at an early stage. Alternatively, we provide architects and specialist planners experienced with container projects from our network or plan your project in-house. Containerwerk takes care of the implementation planning.

An external architect can provide service phases 1 to 4. This involves us advising the architect from the start of the project and providing comprehensive plans and expert reports so that the container-specific features are taken into account at an early stage. Starting from phase 5, namely the implementation planning, Containerwerk takes over all planning services.

Our production site is located in Wassenberg, North Rhine-Westphalia. On our 40,000-square-meter company premises and in our roughly 13,000-square-meter hall areas, we can develop up to 200 modules simultaneously for a total capacity of up to 3,000 modules per year.

Our production plant produces the modules under consistently optimal conditions, regardless of the weather. Due to machine processing, the interior is precisely manufactured to the millimeter, and prefabricated elements for interior finishing can be installed quickly and with a perfect fit. Our production process is subject to continuous quality controls and factory acceptance by the client and architect prior to delivery. Qualified specialist personnel and suppliers with many years of experience are further guarantees of quality.

Due to the high degree of prefabrication, the modules are delivered, installed, and connected to the existing connections and foundations on-site within a short time. Project-related work on site can include, for example, the installation of a prefabricated flat roof, finishing work on interconnected modules, or the commissioning of the technical building equipment.

If desired, our modules can be delivered directly to the construction site via standard logistics. These modules are assembled using a heavy-duty crane. For this purpose, the accessibility and ground load-bearing capacity must be taken into account. The final assembly, commissioning and acceptance on site are carried out by trained assembly teams from our network.

The modules are set down on the prefabricated foundations within a few hours and connected to the existing connections for water, sewage, and electrics.

Due to the manufacturing of the modules in our halls, constant conditions prevail during the production of the modules throughout the year. Delivery is not dependent on the weather.