Q&A about the costs

In essence, Containerwerk is a pure producer of expanded modules but offers planning services on request via a network of architects and specialist planners who have experience with container architecture. Alternatively, we are also pleased to advise the architect specified by the customer from service phase 1. The planning fees are based on the HOAI (Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers), the scope of services, the complexity, and the chargeable construction costs of the project. Thanks to pre-planned solutions and comprehensive detailed plans at Containerwerk, you save valuable time and planning costs in the implementation planning of the modules.

The dimensions of the individual container are always the same and thus also the number of raw materials and materials required. A high degree of standardization with defined assembly and parts lists guarantees price certainty for all services on or in the module, which also accounts for the largest share of the total construction costs. A written quotation for the modules can thus be prepared within a very short time. Project-related requirements, such as the implementation of the structural engineer’s specifications, the condition of the foundations, or the furnishing of the modules, are calculated on a project-specific basis.

Due to industrial processing, the associated setup times, and the project-related planning effort, smaller projects with different modules are usually not economical. For this reason, we also offer pre-planned modules as finished product solutions in various expansion stages. Our range extends from the insulated shell of the module ex-works, prepared for further interior work by the customer, to a ready-to-occupy module including bathroom, partial air-conditioning, electrics, and all surfaces, right through to the fully furnished module.

Using our patented machine-applied insulation, a 40FT container is insulated in just two hours – including room-side finishing in the form of a gypsum fiberboard. The annual output is up to 3,000 containers, and in interior finishing up to 200 containers can be completed at the same time. The containers, which can be finished ready for occupancy on request, are placed on the existing foundations and connected to the media at the construction site within a very short time. In this way, construction times on site can usually be reduced to a third of the usual construction times.

The service life for the original container has been studied within the framework of an expert opinion and is eighty years. By using corten steel, sea freight containers are absolutely weatherproof, saltwater resistant, and even surface rusted containers made of corten steel protect the underlying steel in the long term. Exterior painting or alternatively curtain walls/flat roof (the container is always wind and waterproof) can extend the service life almost indefinitely.

Our modules remain mobile even after installation and can be transported with standard logistics and moved or replaced with the help of a truck-mounted crane. In this way, existing modules can be replaced by new modules with a different use, or additional modules can be added. If one wishes to replace individual modules, even those placed at the bottom, in taller buildings, this is also possible: with a building in container hybrid construction. In this case, the modules are pushed into a grid of precast concrete elements, which is comparable, in simple terms, to an oversized high rack.

Depreciation is the same as for a conventionally constructed building. However, under certain conditions, the container can be classified as a movable asset – and is thus fully leasable over a term of 84 months.

It would be our pleasure to put you in touch with an external leasing expert who is familiar with container projects and can draw up a tailor-made financing concept for you. By being a partner at your side, this expert reaches out to 25 renowned and excellent leasing banks and credit institutions for you.

Currently not yet. However, we are looking into the possibility of offering this in the future.

We provide a five-year warranty on our shell of the module. For everything else, the statutory warranty applies.