Containerwerk shortlisted for Frame Awards 2019

A few weeks ago we were happy about the news that we made it from over 1000 applications to the longlist of the Frame Awards! Now we can proudly announce that we have made another step forward. Containerwerk is among five other companies nominated for the Frame Awards 2019 in the category “Sustainability”!

The “Sustainability” category rewards design solutions for interiors and spaces that are created with consideration for the social, economic and ecological footprint. The final jury decision will take place in Amsterdam in February. We are so excited!


Containerwerk & Rausch Schokoladen at Costa Rica

The Rausch Chocolate Company has established an institute in Costa Rica as they wish to bring back and re-establish fine old cocoa varieties that over time have become lost due to mass cultivation. At this site – far from civilisation in the heart of the jungle – they need a basecamp. Together, we came up with the idea to build a completely self-sufficient station out of containers featuring sleeping facilities, a small lab and a small office. There is, after all, no water and no electricity there. Planning has now been completed and in the next few months production work will begin. It will have its own water purification system and a solar unit for producing electricity that can be stored using silicon batteries. We will ultimately be delivering a stand-alone solution that can be deployed anyway in the world.

Containerwerk @ Green Product Award

Containerwerk made it into the Green Product Selection this year and won the Green Product Award 2018 in the category Architecture. Since 2013, the Green Product Award has honoured innovative and sustainable design products for sustainable consumption. A total of 400 manufacturers and designers from 25 countries submitted entries.

Winner at the Land of Ideas Award 2018

Containerwerk is an excellent place in the Land der Ideen Award 2018 innovation competition

The container plant project – the future lives in the cube is one of the 100 innovative winners of the competition “Outstanding Places in the Land of Ideas” 2018. Under the annual motto “Connecting worlds – strengthening cohesion”, the project shows how pioneering innovations can be achieved through experimentation, curiosity and the courage to rethink can arise in the field of construction. The “Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative and Deutsche Bank have been organizing the innovation competition together for 13 years. An independent jury selected Containerwerk – Zukunft lives in the cube among almost 1,500 submitted applications.

Containerwerk @ GreenTec Awards 2018

Sustainable, future-proof and excellent: Containerwerk was honored with a double finalist title at the GreenTec Awards 2018. In the categories “Construction & Living” and “Start-up Special Prize”, CONTAINERWERK’s commitment is honored with second place. The selection was made from a total of 1500 applicants per category from over 130 countries.