Beginning of Construction Boarding house Wertheim

It’s starting now! In a time frame of four days, all 21 completely dismantled container modules will be delivered to the construction site in Wertheim and assembled ready for occupancy!

With “My Home”, Wohnen auf Zeit MAX Wertheim GmbH is building the region’s first temporary living quarter. The building blocks for this architecturally sophisticated and sustainable pioneering project are 21 modules from Containerwerk that have been converted into living space.

“Second life” with a sustainable message

The future-oriented residential park on an area of 2,700 square meters is all about sustainability and innovation. The building owners, Felix von Knobelsdorff and his colleagues Clemens Müller and Nicolas de Fejer, have known each other for almost twenty years through their work in construction and interior design respectively. Through joint projects, they established contacts with Containerwerk. All three of them were enthusiastic about the resource-saving approach of combining sustainability with a modern atmosphere and flexible living.

Particularly for setting the course concerning the authorities, the sustainability concept was crucial. “Our aim is to ensure that the residential units fit in well visually with their surroundings. There will be plenty of free space between the units for greenery. Using curtain walls made of untreated and regional wood, we are aesthetically creating a nice bridge between the surrounding nature and the cool look that the used freight containers bring,” reports Felix von Knobelsdorff.

Impressions from the construction site