Tiny House & Holiday Apartment

Tiny Housing combines the answers to the need for contemporary, intelligent, and efficient housing concepts that appeal especially to young, flexible and agile people on a global scale and meet the demands of the present.

A decisive advantage of our container modules is their mobility. Due to the interior insulation, we preserve all the mobile properties of the sea freight containers. In this way, small houses and living units can be created easily and without great expense for use as Mobile Homes in vacation resorts or also for Tiny House Parks for permanent living in a small space. Changing the location is possible at any time.

Project: Box Homes Blaue Lagune

The Blaue Lagune vacation resort in Wachtendonk is planning to expand its vacation accommodation by an initial thirty residential units of various sizes made from Containerwerk modules. Currently, there are already two Tiny Houses or “Box Homes” equipped differently by Containerwerk on the site.

Project information

Client: Recreational facility Wankumer Heidesee GmbH
Architect: Architekturbüro Wald
Use: Holiday apartments
Project scope: 50 Einheiten, CW 40 S und CW 40 D gemischt
Status: 1st project phase completed, 2nd and 3rd construction phase in the planning stage
Completion:2nd section 4th quarter 2021, 3rd section 4th quarter 2022

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