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VR CUBE – Virtual Reality on the Road

Together with TECH-FILM GmbH we built a Virtual Reality Container at the beginning of the year. The Stuttgart-based company with high demands on technical solutions creates creative solutions for film and virtual reality projects. A discarded 10″ container has been turned into a mobile high-tech room.

The VR CUBE contains permanently installed motion sensors, displays, batteries, lighting and VR technology. The VR CUBE uses the latest model of the HTC VIVE series with high-resolution OLED displays for sophisticated visual reproduction, associated controllers and sound. So you can travel the big wide world in the smallest of all containers.

Those who wear the glasses can beam themselves into our containers to Milan, which we presented there during the Milan Design Week. Also our currently emerging project in Costa Rica, a self-sustaining container solution with office and living rooms, can already be admired with the VR glasses.

Thanks to its high mobility, it is regularly on the road and used for events of all kinds, e.g. at the Greentec Awards in Munich, the Ligaconvent in Stuttgart, the Social Media Night at the Mercedes Benz Museum or the Showroom Opening at the Wizemann Areal.

The VR CUBE had its first use at the Milan Design Week 2018, which we captured in pictures and sound. See video link below. If you want to know more about the VR CUBE, see the Instagram link below!